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A Place Where Nobody Goes (Physical CD)

A Place Where Nobody Goes (Physical CD)

Deeply articulated experiments in rock and well beyond. This record is layered and subtle, but with fine-tuning attention. A blend of genres that somehow defies logic. Eclectic and unique, this music blends haunting atmospheres with organic art rock.  --15 songs appx. 49 mins.  




    "This is very layered, subtle but with fine-tuning attention. Deeply articulated. Lyrics are obtainable yet expansive in meaning. The music is extremely interesting (the blend of genres is right as rain even though they seemingly shouldn't be), mesmerizing and well played.  There are endless wonderments all along from start to finish. If there's any justice at all in this universe, "A Place Where Nobody Goes" should be hailed far and wide. You know for a fact I don't hold back. This is a highly impressive piece of work. I'd say every decision made was perfect. There are no defects. The production is superb.  I'm really blown away…"


    Steve Fornal    -The Vulgarian Review


    “I love it! Impeccable timing and musicality, with many layers. Dreamy vocals to drift away to. Psychedelic 60’s/70’s influence meets 80’s art pop sensibilities and 90’s ska.  [I'm] hearing some XTC, The Fall, The Police, early Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen.  Neo-psychedelia”


    -Janet Trares.


    "I am nothing short of AMAZED! Not that I didn't know that you guys are talented and have very cool musical proclivities... but dang, man! That's an incredible album!!! Wow."


    -Robert Stewart


    Shipped via First Class US Mail.  

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