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Let's Pretend We're DeadJune Cleaver and the Steak Knives
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Let's Pretend We're Dead

This spooky classic was released almost exactly two years ago when we were in a very similar moment of impending elections and viruses.  In the spirit of the season, our protagonist finds himself wondering if things would be better if he could just shun his earthly duties and slowly decompose.  No need to be sad.  No complications, just an intentional non-existence…giving up the battles of life for the shelters of a peaceful resolve.  Listen closely for our reference to the requiem, Dies irae, a funeral mass favorite.  This song will be on our upcoming album, so stay tuned.  Happy Halloween!  

Jack's Obsession (from the Nightmare Before Xmas)


While we were hoping to bring you a fresh new song this Halloween, our exhausting touring and corporate sponsorships wouldn't allow it. So, we dug up this cover "Jack's Obsession" from The Nightmare Before Xmas, created back in the early 2000's. Please listen with a forgiving ear! Happy Halloween!

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