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June Cleaver & The Steak Knives have released many cover tunes over the years - artists like The Smiths, David Bowie, The Damned, Buddy Holly - even Danny Kaye.  We would eventually like to release a full length album of our takes on forgotten songs. If you’d like to hear more, buy yourself some merch or make a small donation to help us bring more and more peculiarity to the world.  Thanks!

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The Baby Screams-TheCureJune Cleaver and the Steak Knives
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As part of us getting into the spooky season, and to continue our tradition of doing wonderfully obscure cover tunes, we bring you our rendition of one of our favorite songs.  The Cure were one of those few groups that we could really relate to back in high school - melancholy and brooding, and yet sometimes cheerful and aggressive. It had everything we loved…us against the world.

In our new version, we decided to play with some of the time signatures and give it an entirely different feel, while keeping up with the original’s energy and essence.  The Head on the Door, in our opinion, is the climax of The Cure’s discography, and this particular song seems to sum up everything we love about the record.   Our version is admittedly slower and a bit more menacing at times, and also tends to feel like a Leonard Cohen waltz while mixing ukulele with synths.  This high production rendition features the talents of Chris’ son, Byron Bradley, on saxophone.   

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